Arabic Hand-Painted Wall Sticker

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Arabic Hand-Painted Wall Sticker

Arabic wall sticker which has been hand-painted, translation of the wall art is “Praise Allah Seek Allah”. Oil stains can be easily wiped with wet wipes, it can be cropped, you can tailor it to different needs.

Please allow 5-15 days delivery time

More Information:

  • Effectively prevent the invasion of moisture
  • Inadvertently spilled soy sauce, grease, etc. cannot penetrate
  • The material is soft and has a protective effect on cabinets, appliances, drawers, etc.
  • The back of the aluminium foil can be glued, and can be pasted by tearing off the release paper when used.
  • Avoid wrinkles due to uneven coating
  • Material: PVC

Package Include:

Size:13×57 cm
1Pc  Sticker

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