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Small Space Solutions: 6 Tiny Home Offices

Among the many changes the world is undergoing is the proliferation of remote jobs. While this is intriguing and awesome, not too many people adjust to it easily, especially those used to work in a cooperative environment. Among the early complaints before adjustment are distractions, overworking, and lack of workplace vibe, feel, and atmosphere.

Having identified such complaints, we have come up with some exciting ideas to take on so you can have the vibe and feel of a workplace even in your home, thereby reducing distractions and avoiding overworking.

The first thing to do when you have decided to work remotely is to think of a home office space. Sadly, not too many people consider this. Those who have given it a thought feel they need ample space before it can be achieved. No, with as little space as a closet, a tiny home office can be set up. I hope this brings you good news and gets you started to maximize available space around your home as a workspace.

Now, maybe you are wondering why on earth you need a workspace in your home since you can decide to work from any angle of your home; I will tell you why shortly.

First, because there are so many things that beg for our attention aside from work when working remotely, having a home corner office gives us a sense of duty and a mind configuration that "it is time for work, everything else can wait." On the other way round, if a closet office is your choice home workspace, you can quickly close it up after you are done with the day's task, forget it exists and save yourself from overworking.

Second, having a home corner office where cabinets and drawers are available makes it easier to keep work stuff from home stuff. That is a clear sense of direction and distinction. It helps you to mark it out of bounds to non-work actors.

Having checked that, below is the list of home office spaces you can embrace depending on the type of space available in your home:


THO-Tiny Home Office | Perfect Office space at home
Laminated Board Classic Desk

If you consider having a permanent residence, this is an excellent choice for you because the idea is to have a home office workspace just we have a family library or study.


A Wall office can maximize any wall within the house that is not close or won't block the walkway's ease.

A tiny home office can be erected around a wall by pitching a table with drawers, attaching one or two shelves above the table, and you are on your way to having your tiny home office.


Closet offices are unique because they necessarily do not take extra space around the house. All you need to do if you have a closet in your apartment is set it up as your home workspace. The good side of this type of home office is that you can close it up after work, and no one knows what is in there.


Tiny Home Office | Home Office window view
2 Drawer 1 Door Desk - Oak Melamine Finish

This type of home workspace, unlike the other types, is best suited in the part of the house that gives access to outside view. The idea behind this is to be open to natural light, stay awake while you carry on with your work.


This type of home corner workspace requires the least space. As long as the available nook in the home can accommodate your desktop, all you need is to add some shelves above to give you the workspace feeling.


 Tiny Home Office | Corner office desk | Scandinavian Appeal Desk With 2 Drawer
Scandinavian Appeal Desk With 2 Drawer

Corner home offices are easy to set up in a home with a rising wall with an "L shape." It is very similar to a wall office.

So, have you been working from home but have not given a thought to having an office space? It does not have to cost as much as you have always imagined. All you need to do is to maximize that space.

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