My First Experience At Working From Home


When it comes to judging whether working from home is better than working in a cooperate environment, experience tells the story better. However, considering that there are different strokes for different folks, why not let's examine why some people prefer working from home? The reasons range from reasonable and personalized control over one's time, freedom to engage in some other ventures without answering the formal query; some people's explanation is that 9 to 5 job is just not their thing.

That said, I'm excited to share with you my experience within the first three months of working from home. Besides, I'll tell you the ups and the downsides of it to be prepared if you are about signing up for this type of life.

After I concluded my resignation from my previous job and took up another that gives the choice of working from home, it was like a walk to freedom. I smiled as I shut the 9-5 door to open the work from the home door. Because I wasn't sure of what I was signing for, I only held to heart the feeling of freedom it will give. Guess what? It was a decision I'm glad I took.

Now, knowing that even freedom comes at a cost and that there is a price for everything, let's hit the page where you get to hear the ups and the downsides.



This is one of the major perks you get for signing up for working from home. Unlike an office where you are restricted by ethics and formality as to dress format, sitting at a desk, morning meetings, among others, working from home gives me the freedom to wear pyjamas or other comfortable clothing. I also get to sit at any comfortable place( couch, bed, floor, dining...) while I work. Isn't that cool? For me, it is. I am my boss now. Interestingly, working from home will give you undented access to the restroom at will. If you have been very pressed but met the entire toilet occupied, you will understand better.

Lots of savings

When I began working from home, I discovered I get to save more time and more money. What do I mean? If you are not very lucky, as I wasn't with how far your workplace is from home, you will relate to this better. On average, I spend 14 hours a week commuting to and from work. That means I also spend some bucks on transportation. All these I got saved when I started working from home. Some other things I am enjoying are being saved from the stress of having to deal with difficult colleagues, boss or clients. If you are a lady or whoever you may be and have been a victim of office gossip.....with you, I sympathize. Working from home can also help you save some savings from office gossips, among others. Finally, on this thought, eating at home saves money too. You can decide what you want to eat and not eat what is available around the workplace.


Lone Ranger

While working alone is good on some projects, some projects just need you to have a team around. Working as a lone ranger will be very unusual and ungratifying for you if you are an extrovert. You then might decide to take too many breaks to ease your being alone through Netflix, checking out on a close neighbour. If care is not taken, you end up having a far less productive day than planned.


Tiny Home Office | Working with out Distractions

Distractions are everywhere. But there is a level of duty and discipline a cooperate office gives that a home's comfort can not contend. Distractions can get out of control if kids are on holiday, sick parents are around, worse of all, if one has little self-discipline.

If you want to know my conclusion about working from home, you should always plan your work every day with a lot of injury time as many things are not always equal. So, if a friend shows up unannounced or a home accident occurs, maybe it's your neighbour that you need to drive to a hospital. Once you have enough time allotted for emergencies, you can still get your task done regardless. However, if you are not someone with a high level of self-discipline, think about your decision twice because those with a commendable level of discipline end up disappointing themselves sometimes. It happens.

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