Home Office Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Workspace

Brighten Up Your Workspace

With the impact of the recent pandemic on the economy, companies worldwide have embraced working from home. While it is a massive change with some challenges, you can incorporate a few things to make your workspace comfortable.

Good lighting will help make sure that your workspace is bright, comfortable, and accessible. It can boost productivity and ensure that you get your work done timely.

THO | You should endeavour to have adequate lighting in your space

You should endeavour to have adequate lighting in your space, both artificial and natural lights. If you are smart with the lighting system, it can be a motivation to work. With this, here are some impressive lighting ideas for your home office.

1. Position Your Desk by the Window

Tiny Home Office | Brighten your office by making space near windows

If you want to save on electricity bills, you can find comfy, working spots with an adequate natural light supply. It will boost your mood, increase productivity, health, and overall wellbeing. 

While working, it is good to be able to stair off at a distance and have enough space for your keyboard.

Occasional screen break is good for your eyes and primal to preventing eyestrain.

2. Consider Various Light Source

If you can be smart with your home lighting system, it can be pretty motivating, like an early morning coffee cup. A good option is blind or shutters that block glare while bringing in natural light.

This is an option to try if your PC is near the window. A table lamp can increase your focus, as well.

Tiny Home Office | USB LED Touch Desk Lamp

3. Add a Statement Lamp to Boost Creativity

Want to customize your workspace to reflect your style? Why not consider a lamp in an unusual colour! You can consider a colour that reflects your style, thereby making space your own. This will make your office a welcoming haven.

4. Use a Charging Lamp to Power Up

Thanks to technology, we can charge many devices wirelessly, including a lamp. It removes the need to have a charger or cord lying around, adding to the clutters everywhere.

This lamp is a terrific piece that will add a sophisticated, classic touch to your workspace.

5. Fix a Light on the Wall

This approach is a terrific idea for people that do not have much space. Here is a smart idea if you do not want to accommodate a lamp on your desk. You have enough room on your desk for other things like a plant or a flower. On the other hand, the light brightly covers your workspace, giving enough illumination to get you going.

6. Consider hanging a Bulb from the Ceiling.

Here is another impressive solution to save space. Here is a good option for people with a narrow desk as long as you do not mind the stress of extra rewiring. Be sure to, however, work with a qualified electrician to get this done.

There are bare bulbs with decorative flex. It gives excellent illumination without excessive distraction.


Having a sound lighting system in your home office space does not have to be costly. Here are terrific ideas to get you going and keep you on track with your assignment. 

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