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Home Office Ideas - Tips and Inspirations

The situation of the entire world due to COVID-19 has forced everyone to consider working from home. Even though the world is gradually experiencing normalcy, many people will find themselves permanently working from home.

Yet, not everyone might be lucky to have a spare room to dedicate as a home office. Here are simple ideas for people in this category to consider if you want to work from home.

The Living Room

For people that need to combine working from home with childcare, this is a good idea. However, be sure to set up your workspace such that it does not face the TV. Also, other family members around should use headphones to listen to music or watch TV.

THO | Home Office | Working from Living Room

With many households having their internet router set up behind the TV, you will hardly have any internet connection. With a laptop as well, you can run an Ethernet cable from your router to your computer.


THO - Tiny Home Office | Make space and work comfortable for long hours

The Dining Room

As long as the dining table height works for you, it can serve as your desk.

However, make sure that you have a direct line of sight from your screen to your eyes. For long working hours, use a chair that supports your posture.

The Garden

You can use a summerhouse or shed in your garden as a home office. Working in the garden comes with various distinctive views and natural light that aids your concentration. Besides, working in the garden gives the feeling of going to work.

For people working in the garden, you can have a router to connect your internet.

The Loft

If you have a spacious loft, you can use it as a private home office space. However, make sure to keep clutters away as much as possible. You need this, as a busy work area can be a turnoff. There is no need for much adjustment to convert this to a work area if you use your loft as a study area or a bedroom.

However, if you are starting afresh, you need to work within a reasonable budget to avoid overspending.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Light: Your work environment should be well lit. This will reduce strain, especially if you are staring at a monitor. If natural light is not enough, consider going for regular and decent lighting.

  • Noise: you need a relaxed and peaceful environment to work. If you cannot do much about noise in your vicinity, invest in a noise-cancelling headphone.

Home Office Furniture Ideas

A Sturdy Desk: you need a strong desk that will support everything you want to do. You can also consider a desk with enough storage space. It is, however, essential to consider a desk that has enough room for your knees.

Consider a desk that has drawers by the side. This will give enough clearance for your leg.

A Comfy Chair: Your best call is a chair with enough back support. If you are not going to buy a chair, you can try exceptional support for your chair like a lumbar and put it at your spine's base. 
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