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Home Office Desk – Buying Guide

To increase creativity and efficiency while working in your space at home, you need a suitable home office desk. The choice of the desk is a factor of how you designed your home.

With your desk at the corner gives enough access to spread out for people without space issues while a small house is better off with a tiny desk. Before heading to the market for a desk, here are essential things to consider:

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1. The Size of the Desk

Make sure to go for a large desk that will make you comfortable as long as it fits your space. A single drawer desk is a good idea for people with space issues as it can fit under the stairs or in a corner.

If space is a big issue for you, try and measure your room before choosing a desk. Also, you need to know if an office chair will fit the desk perfectly.

2. Will the Desk Encourage a Sound Posture?

Sitting for long while working in an uncomfortable position could affect your back negatively. With a thoughtful adjustment to your desk, you can avoid backache and muscle strain. In structuring your office chair, consider the following:

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  • Position the chair to support the lower back properly
  • Put your knees slightly below the hips a bit.
  • The arms and wrist should be parallel to the ground.
  • Your screen should be in a straight line with your eyes.
  • For people that will make a myriads of calls, invest in a headset

 3. Can You Store Things on the Desk

Your home office might be so small that there will not be space for extra storage. For people in this category, you need a desk with drawers in-built.

Your files, papers, and other storage baskets will neatly store away under your laptop or PC stand.

4. What is the Composition of the Desk?

Some desk are made from wood. These are made either from laminated particleboard or from MDF. At times, it could be a wood frame made from MDF drawers on the top as well. In buying a desk, check the description for 'wood effect.' Some could even be made from 'engineered wood.' This gives a good idea of what to expect.

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MDF is advisable as it comes in various finishes and is strong. Desks made of solid wood or real wood veneer costs much.

The metal desk comes with a steel design for the frame. The finish could be brass or copper. Most of them are waterproof and fireproof, as well.


5. Can You Move the Desk Around

There are times you will want a change of atmosphere or prefer a different view. You might need to work near a window at times. This is where a desk that has wheels and brakes, of course, comes in. Solid wood and desks made of solid metals could be hard to move it to a fresh place. Some metal desks are easy to assemble and disassemble, hence could be a good choice.

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