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Selecting a Perfect Home Office Chair

Now that many people are working from home, it is essential to set yourself up for success. The right set of furniture will encourage your success and keep you on track while at work.

With this, here are top factors to consider when choosing a chair for your home office.

1. Budget

One of the most important factors to consider in selecting your chair is budget. As much as you want to be comfortable while working, you should not go beyond your budget. However, be sure you do not sacrifice the budget for comfort, as a comfortable chair is primal to your efficiency while working.

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2. Design

In choosing your office chair, make sure to consider the height, amongst other things. You need a chair that provides the right support for your lumbar. This will go a long way to reduce backache.


3. Durability

In looking for a home office chair, it is important to consider durability. This comes down to the nature and material of the furniture you select. We recommend teal furniture as it lasts much longer compared to wood.

4. Space

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Many people suddenly found themselves working from home. They hardly have a dedicated space set aside as a home office. The implication of this is that there is no much space for massive office furniture. With this, be sure to consider space available when choosing your office chair.

5. Comfort

Without a doubt, you cannot sacrifice comfort if you want to be productive. With this, make sure that the chair you will have everything you need to be comfortable. Consider the backrest, armrest, and material used for the chair.

6. Appearance

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People working from home might have to work from their bedroom, living room, or dining room. As a result, you need a piece of furniture that blends with your decoration. Make sure to keep this in mind while selecting your office chair.

7. Hygiene

There are times you will have to move your furniture here and there to clean your room. As a result, you need a home office furniture you can quickly move around.

8. Weight

For people working from home, they might need to change the working position from time to time. This calls for a portable piece of furniture that you can carry about easily.

9. Adjustability

Having a chair that you can adjust to your body size and shape is important. If you will be sitting down for an extended period, posture is pretty essential. Your chair should take care of leg issues, spinal problems, carpal tunnel, and back strain.

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With this, when selecting an office chair, look for the following features:

  • Lumbar support
  • Armrests
  • Chair height
  • Recline-ability



10. Usage

In selecting an office chair, you need to consider various things. This includes how long you will sit on the chair and the nature of work you. With these answers, you can select a chair that truly serves you. Your productivity is tied to your comfort; hence, choose a chair that you can comfortably use for a long.


These days people also intend to choose gaming chairs as their office chair, gaming chairs are also designed and built for long hours of sitting in comfort. Like the office chairs gaming chairs also comes with different size, martial and different design to match your home office.

At Tiny Home Office we have options on both home office chairs as well as gaming chairs for you to browse and pick from, delivering free on chairs all over UK. we also have other types sitting furniture you can use like some off our handcrafted benches that are velvet top with mango wood finish.

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