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With the recent pandemic, many people found themselves working from home. Thankfully, there are lots of resources on the internet to make working from home efficient. However, managers and team leads also need help in adjusting to this. Also, managing a remote team involves a different level of challenge.

Here are some tips we gathered after reaching out to some top companies on how they managed their team remotely.

  1. Set up a Common Communication Etiquette

A leader needs to set up the proper communication etiquette. If not, the team might devote a whole lot of its time responding to all messages. This reduces productivity and leads to unnecessary distraction. A manager can inform the team about an expected response time to allow for uniformity and give room for focus.

  1. Relax after every Work

According to a survey, the most significant challenge that many remote workers face is unplugging from work. One might not be able to draw a line if there is no definite separation between the home and office. Ultimately, this will lead to burnout.

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A leader can encourage this by being an example. The team will know it is not a crime to stop working at a specific time of the day if you do so as a leader.

  1. Consider Output as a Measure of Productivity

In other words, focus on what the employer can do, not living up to some set standards. Let the outputs be the standards for measuring work, regardless of the hours logged to work. What should matter is the output, not the time the employer worked or how they worked!

  1. Make use of asynchronous communications.

This type of communication is perfect when the entire company is aware of what is expected of them with communications. The tools should be carefully selected, and leaders should keep communication to a few channels.

To build an asynchronous mindset, one needs to answer the question: What is the best way to pass this message, present the work, or move the project forward if everyone in the team is asleep?

  1. Have team-building hangouts Virtually

This involves choosing a time that will accommodate people of various time zones. Get together for interviews, demos, light talks, etc. The hangout provides a channel to hang out with folks you might not always see even at work.

Such meetings can provide an avenue to learn a new team. You could have teammates talk about their latest projects, fun facts about new teammates, and training workshops as well.

  1. Encourage Exercise and Movement

Health is essential even though it is easy for people to get carried away with work while working from home. On the other hand, working from home gives the perfect opportunity to work out well.

After spending long hours before the screen, it is essential to get up and have a full-body workout. Everyone needs to be aware of the fact that exercise has a direct link to anxiety, reduced stress, happiness, and optimal mental performance.

A little exercise, no matter how small, can make a noticeable difference.

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