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Choosing the Best Home Office Chair

Many people are resorting to working from home. This calls for the choice of top home office accessories that will provide the utmost comfort. This is where a comfortable home office chair comes in. You need a chair that will prevent backache and make you comfortable for long periods.

These day’s people intend to buy gaming chair, using it for long hours of office work. The gaming chairs has been designed and built for long hours of sitting down.

We have assembled this guide to help you chose between various forms of comfortable chairs. We are confident that these chairs will provide the perfect support for your lumbar, which will prevent backache.

Various Popular Office Chairs

Here are typical office chairs alongside other things to know about them

1. Kneeling Chair

  • Typical Price: £100-150
  • Price: Encourages good posture, supports core muscle strength, and adjustable to different heights
  • Cons: Pressure on the knees could be much. Absence of backrest

With a kneeling office chair, your knees will go below your waist. It allows the user to sit comfortably, providing a natural seating position.

Tiny Home Office | Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Stool
This is a well-made ergonomic kneeling chair stool, easy access and comfortable and is designed for long hours.  

The absence of the backrest strengthens the core and back muscles with time. If you have knee pains, this is not a good idea.

2. Saddle Chair

  • Typical Price: £50-100
  • Pros: Boost circulation in the leg and improves core muscle
  • Cons: Absence of backrest

If you want to keep the pressure on your spine and lower back down, a saddle chair is a good idea. Like the name, the sitting position is the same as you assume while sitting on a horse. Some come with a split seat, which helps sit with your legs apart. 

Although some might come with backrest, the majority do not.

3. Ergonomic Chairs

  • Typical price: £100 - 200
  • Pros: many varieties available, it can be adjusted
  • Cons: Some types could be expensive
Tiny Home Office | Swivel Mesh Office Computer Chair

There are many varieties of ergonomic chairs. Some people call them a petite, small chair, or big and tall chairs. It comes with various variations, all aimed at improving your posture.

In choosing an ergonomic chair, there are some features you need to prioritize. Ideally, you need a chair that offers seat depth, height, and width.

A tilting seat is a good bonus as it can provide rest for your pelvis.

4. Balance Ball Chairs

  • Typical Price: £50-100
  • Pros: Pretty cheap, provides ample support for the back
  • Cons: Absence of height adjustment

Over the years, many people have adopted an exercise ball in place of a regular office chair. The balance you get from this chair will improve your back muscle and strengthen it.

There are balance ball chairs specifically designed for the home office. There is a cradle to prevent the ball from rolling around. Some come with backrest for extra support.

5. Drafting Chairs

  • Typical Price: £100-200
  • Pros: it is adjustable and suitable for work on kitchen counters
  • Cons: It can be clumsy to get on

Drafting chairs stand out from other chairs in that they are a height greater than the office desk. For people that work on a raised surface, it is a terrific idea.

It typically comes with a ring at the chair’s base to provide rest for your feet.

6. Gaming Chairs


Tiny Home Office | For the gamers | Set up

Over the years it has been very common to have a gaming chair in your home office, whether you’re a gamer or just working from home or even both, gaming chairs can be used for multiple purposes, if you are working from home and having long hours on your workstation then gaming chair can also be an option.

Coming in different design and size you can find your perfect office chair, due to some of these gaming chairs are designed it’s been built for long hours of sitting with comfort.

Most of us love playing games, especially playing online with family and friends, that’s why it is important to have a comfort zone while sitting, making sure noting will affecting your body while playing.

The most common problem people may have whether you’re working from a desk or paying games is your back, that’s why it is important to buy the most suited gaming/office chair for you.

Tiny Home Office | Gaming chair with exclusive gaming chair with 3D sound fitted

You can get gaming chairs with adjustable back cushion for back support and back headrest cushion, there are gaming chairs that comes with Bluetooth 3D sound system built in the chairs made for gamers.

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