Tiny Home Office | 8 Simple DIY Ideas for your Home Office

8 Simple DIY Ideas for a Home Office

When it comes to having a home office, your creativity is essential. Bear in mind that you do not have the luxury of an office and everything it comes with. As a result, it is vital to make do with what you have. You also need to strategize your office such that it does not get clustered with litters and clutters.

With this, we have compiled these eight easy DIY ideas to organize and make you productive while working from home.

1. Items in Desk Drawer Home Office

Tiny Home Office | DIY Ideas to keep your home office desk well organised

All you need is a small container. It will neatly house all those loose items lying around o your desk. You can also use your drawer to accommodate such items as pencils, paper clips, and notepad. This is a cheap way to be clean and organized.

2. Computer Cords

It is easy for your monitor, printer, and phone cable to create an unsightly scene in your office. You can use smiley to wrangle the cords and neatly tuck them away. You can create a hole at the back of your desk and dedicate it to these cords.

Invest in binder clips to keep these cords in place and out of sight. If you have PVC pipes, you can hide them in there and decorate them with colourful tapes.

3. Bills Mail

If you still have invoices, receipts, and other correspondence the old fashion way, dedicate a place for this in your mail. You can either use a folder system or bins for incoming and outgoing mails. It will keep you on track of your correspondence.

4. Have Shelves in Your Home Office

You will need some functional shelves. They will serve as the ideal place to store your books, folders, binders and others. You can spice things up by adding a small plant or flower. It will add colour to the home office.

5. Home Office organization Minimalism

The idea here is to have similar things together. With this, if you have a lot of books, make sure you store them together. You will have an organized office with this. This also applies to other items like folders, files, and other correspondence. With this, you can ascertain the space you need for each group.

Tiny Home Office | Bookcase

6. Colour Code Organization for Folders

With a colour-coded folder system, you will easily find any document you want. You can structure various segments with colours to help beef up your organization system.

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7. Scrap Wood Computer Shelf

While working on your desktop or laptop, you mustn't strain your back. As a result, consider investing in a monitor stand as it can position the laptop or computer screen at your eye level. Also, it allows you to slide your keyboard underneath when you are not using it.

8. Office Space Everything on Wheels

With wheels on your office furniture accessory, it will make life easier in different ways. If you want to move or when you want to clean or rearrange, wheels on your office chair, tables, and file cabinet will make life easier. 

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