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8 Ideas for a Study Space With a Difference

When it comes to your home office, there is no rule limiting how you can decorate it. There is no rule against having a fun theme in your home office space. Besides, this is your house, not the office; hence you can add a classic touch that makes the area relaxing and welcoming.

You can add a touch of personality while you get to neatly place your PC, printers, and files at their respective places. We have eight helpful tips to make your study room look appealing.

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1.Squeeze It in

You can have a modest home office space that stylishly reveals the Moroccan lifestyle. You will bring in some white woodwork which provides the perfect background for every other decoration. You can also add a silver fretwork lantern to it. This decoration allows your computer and desk to blend in without any issue.

2. Have Something Truly fabulous

You might not have room to dedicate as your home office. You can, however, explore the outdoor with a bespoke pod. Adding a curvaceous sweep of wood adds a nice contrast to the naked painting. You can also include skylights and glazed panels, giving ample light while you work or study.

3. Max Out on Colour

You do not have to restrict your home office to neutral colours. Are you a fan of art? Why not add a touch of Barbie pink paintwork alongside a splash of patterned wallpaper. This will bring up a cheerful atmosphere for your work.

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4. Make it Light and Airy.

Is your schedule always busy? Do you have a lot of files to go through? Why not use a spacious loft conversion to bring calm and order in your workspace! With the mind freeing views of the sky, you get to stare at the cloud, giving you occasional and helpful distractions while you work.

5. Take Your Work Outdoors

Even though this could give an impression of a shed at first, it is a fully equipped office space that provides every accessory you need while working. This includes internet and power connection to facilitate your work.

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6. Pep up with Print

With a modest desk and stool, you can add a touch of class and vigour to give you a dazzling decoration. Red is a bright and energizing colour that could improve your creativity. This is an excellent idea to keep up with your imagination as you soak yourself in work for the day.

7. Go Bespoke

Who says you need to go with a standard desk and cabinet? You can choose to be unique and go for an undulating wooden sculpture. You can go for bespoke birch plywood that forms cocooning curves neatly, tucking away anything you want out of sight.

8. Try a Calm Look

Working from home should be stress-free and fun. From the choice of furniture to the piece of decoration, you need a space that keeps you motivated and calm. You will get inspiration from treasured knick-knacks and a one-off classic piece of furniture.

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