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6 Ideas for Small Home Office 2021: Use Creativity to Make the Most of Your Tight Space

No matter your space's size, you can have a lovely home office with planning and creativity. Even if all you have is a nook, you can make the best use of vertical space by employing shelves.

If you have a small space behind a desk, you can introduce a pattern. You can have lovely wallpapers, murals that will give the feel of a real office. Even if you do not like wallpapers, you can use it in pin boards to have an exciting background.

1. Turn a Dividing Wall to a Working Area

For people with open plan living space, you can turn the dividing wall to a work station. All you need is a narrow tall desk with enough space to hold your work tools like laptops and books. You also need enough shelves to store your office supply.

You do not even need a purpose desk chair, a dining bar stool from your kitchen will work.

2. Under the Staircase

Maybe you do not have an entire room to dedicate to work; you can have a well-defined work area. All you need is a small desk or even adopt a simple shelf as your work desk. There are bespoke pieces of furniture that will work in awkward spaces like this. 

You can use a combination of neutral wood alongside painted finish to complement the rest of your design. With open shelving, you can even personalize the space.

3. Cleverly Conceal Your Desk With a Cupboard

An old office will be convenient for a home office. You will need a shelf to store things and a runner for your keyboard.

With pin boards inside your cupboards, you can store your receipts, postcards and even keep track of your receipts.

4. Let Your Dressing Table Double as a Desk

If there is no room to dedicate as a home office, your bedroom can help. Your dressing table can serve as your desk and turn it into an incredibly useful piece of furniture.

You can go for a narrow floating desk that will not take much space. It serves the double purpose of a dressing table and a work desk with a mirror right before it.

5. Use the Wall Space Behind the Desk

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With a wall-mounted unit that can serve as a desk, you will utilize every inch of usable wall space. All you have to do is fasten the bottom half away, which will neatly conceal the desk. The drawer and storage compartment makes it serve as a standard platform for your lamp, books, and flowers.

With a beautiful stool, it will serve as a desk.

6. Use an Outbuilding as a Home office.

You can use a garden room as a home office as well. It is a good idea for people that want to keep living and working areas distinct. You can have your correspondence on one side and have creative items on the other side to have a sense of serenity. 

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